Cerpen Cinta Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cerpen cinta bahasa Inggris berikut ini mengisahkan kekuatan cinta seorang remaja bernama Andra yang dengan teguh hati menjaga kesejatian cintanya meskipun banyak hal-hal yang kurang mendukung jalinan asmaranya dengan seorang gadis setempat.

Andra is a teenager who lives in a village far from the city . Andra live out his days as a teenager like her age . When 16-year -old Andra fall in love with a girl who was a village with him , but his love of travel is not going well despite the fact that the girl loves Andra .

Andra is a relationship with the girl about four months , but the relationship never make him happy because the girl is judged less attention and understand what he feels . Nevertheless , Andra still love the girl with all her heart and never once occurred to end the relationship with the girl .

Time passed , and Andra together with the girl still has not been seen as befits a pair of teenagers who are in love . Andra and one day decided to go out of town for work . When leaving the relationship status of adolescent girls are still dating , but as long as they are outside the city Andra never did because at the time the communication was quite difficult to communicate since at that time there were no cell phones .

A year passed , the girl may Andra would least expect anymore , but for Andra he missed the girl and always thought about it . Andra trying to figure out how so he can talk to the girl . His condition is very impartially , because at that moment Andra unlikely to return to the village for a number of reasons .

Andra trying to figure out the number of people in the village who could be contacted in the hope that the concerned want to call a girl . Nearly two years passed , and Andra finally managed to get the phone numbers of people in his village that later allowed him to speak with the girl .

What a tremendous joy when Andra could talk to the girl over the phone , even though the girl did not show the attitude of being missed him . However Andra very grateful and really feel a momentum which makes it infinitely happy after hearing the girl's voice through the phone line.

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