Cerpen Remaja Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Berikut contoh cerpen remaja dalam bahasa Inggris yang mungkin sedang dibutuhkan oleh sahabat pembaca. Contoh cerpen bahasa Inggris ini mengisahkan seorang remaja yang egois, tidak mau tahu urusan orang lain, dan enggap bersosial.

An isolated village there was a teenager named Andy . Andi is a figure of teens different from most other teenagers at that village. Andi is more often away from his friends , and he prefers to be alone .

Andi does not have friends , because he does not like to hang out especially with new people she knows . In addition to not having friends , Andi is also a selfish teenager and never want to hear other people's business .

For Andi , his life is his life , and he never wanted to care about the people around him . Andi does not want to be bothered by anyone , and he just wanted to be alone to enjoy his time .

At a time when Andy was in the market to buy goods needs , when want to pay for items to be purchased , while fingering his pocket there was no money in his pocket . He forgot to bring money , because money is no pocket his pants only .

The goods are very important for Andi , and she had to take her home at that time . But , on the other hand he forgot to bring money . Finally there came a teenager his age to offer loans . Andi tried to refuse , but the guy kept asking Andy to receive such assistance . Andi finally received the money and promised to return it when it got home .

Unexpectedly , it turns out people who lend money to Andi current market is its own neighbor . Andi did not know the person , because Andy has always kept to themselves .

Day after day went on, and neighbors teen Andi was successful making Andi way of thinking for the better . Andi eventually become a more friendly , caring with others , and not selfish.

Demikian contoh cerita pendek remaja dalam bahasa Inggris, semoga cerpen diatas bermanfaat bagi sahabat pembaca.


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