Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris Untuk 6 Orang

Contoh teks drama untuk 6 orang dalam bahasa Inggris

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Contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris 6 orang

Judul : Masa Depan Kita
Tema : Sosial & Persahabatan
Jumlah pemeran : 6 orang 
Penokohan : Ilham : Berkpribadian baik
Muklis : Berkpribadian baik
Zahra : Berkpribadian baik
Rara : Berkepribadian buruk
Munir : Berkepribadian buruk
Intan : Suka mengingatkan

Sinopis of Drama

There are 6 friends who have been friends since a long time. They are the inspiration, my colleague David, Zahra, Rara, Munir, and Diamond.

Berebeda with four friends, attitude and personality contrasts with Rara and Munir Ilham thinking, my colleague David, Zahra, and Diamond.

At one meeting, Rara and Munir reprimanded because of his attitude still like a child.

inspiration :
What the hell do we do that the ideals that we have it will actually be realized and not just a dream ?

Muklis :
Yes of course, a lot of what you must do, say from now you should begin to organize your life and personality.

Zahra :
True what is said by my colleague David. Indeed, a lot of which we have to prepare so that in the future what we dream can come true.

Rara :
Ah, you are such a course his work. Want it want it, why the hell wrote nyantai ? anyways guys it's still easy, still plenty of time.

Munir :
Yes, on a busy young uda mikirn that far. Already lah aja youth nikmatin you, ntar your dreams also come alone.

Intan :
Munir, Rara, you really think like that anyway? precisely because we are young so we should be able to take advantage of the time we have.

Muklis :
True what is said Diamond. I was also surprised at you ( Rara & Munir ) kerjannya merely playing everyday.

inspiration :
Munir, Rara, this time you are still young and everything you need can still be satisfied by the father / your mother, but in the future it you should be able to meet your own needs, so from now on you have to be willing to think and work hard.

Intan :
Well, listen tuh what dibilaingin inspiration. You should not be so young people without direction, you must be willing to fight from now on.

Rara :
Hemm, indifferent...

Munir :
Yeah, these guys at your own motivator nyantai supposedly.. why the hell wrote.

Fourth Munir and Rara friend just shook his head and see attitude Munir seoarang Rara which is like a small child.

Although Diamond realize that it is very difficult to be reminded Rara and Munir, but he still tried to resuscitate the other two.

Intan :
Rara, how old are you now ?

Munir : So what you really nanya any age ?

Rara : I must have been 17 years old, what is it?

Intan :
Well, you already know yourself if you're already 17 years of age. Try to imagine what would you do in the next 5-10 years ?

Rara :
I do not understand you mean, mean what ?

Munir :
Yes, I am also confused with you, Tan. Asked the old man, continues to Nanya what will be done in the next 5-10 years, yes of course wrote not you know life is ngalir wrote.

Intan :
I mean put it this way, if you are age 17 years and now already in 10 years of age you will be 27 years old. Announcing you that the life when you are already 27 years of age it will change drastically from how you feel now. So we have to be young while preparing themselves for the future of our future, yes examples such as what is delivered by Ilham, et al.

Rara and Munir finally think the diamond after hearing the explanation. Since that Munir and Rara showed significant attitude change.

Drama script 6 People - END

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