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The Power of Mother


Miyam: one parent WHO stand her 3 daughters. She works as a servant in prof Zikri house to fund her family. She is kind and amicable.
Professor Zikri: a form prof WHO has 2 daughters.
Joana: Miyam’s oldest girl. She could be a sMiyamt and wise woman.
Andia: Miyam’s second girl. really she is adopted kid. She is therefore egoist.
Sinta: Miyam’s youngest girl. She is cute and amicable.
Anita: Professor’s 1st girl. She is cruel however really a form person.
Farah: Professor’s second girl. She could be a friendly and type.
Mirsa: a awfully sick patient.
Mira: patient’s sister. She loves her sister abundant and will something to save lots of her sister live.
Wika: a nurse


Miyam, a lady WHO has 3 daughters works as a servant within the prof Zikri ’s family. Miyam has been left by her husband WHO needed to Miyam an upscale widow 10 years past. She struggles for herself and her daughters. She work terribly exhausting to create living and afford her daughters’ education, someday she works in additional than one place . She even doesn't care regarding her health that's turning into worst day when day. Finally, she is success to bring one among her girl to check within the no.1 university within the country and with success become a doctor. sadly, Miyam gave up the ghost once her girl simply got her success.

Miyam, seorang wanita yang memiliki tiga anak perempuan bekerja sebagai pelayan di keluarga Profesor Zikri 's. Miyam telah ditinggalkan oleh suaminya. Dia berjuang untuk dirinya sendiri dan anaknya. Dia bekerja sangat keras untuk membuat hidup dan membiayai pendidikan anak-anaknya, tidak jarang dia bekerja lebih dari satu tempat. Dia bahkan tidak peduli dengan kesehatannya yang semakin memburuk demi hari. Akhirnya, dia sukses mengantarkan salah satu anaknya untuk belajar di universitas no.1 di negara ini dan berhasil menjadi seorang dokter. Sayangnya, Miyam meninggal ketika putrinya baru saja menuai keberhasilannya.

Scene one (Miyam’s house)

In the front room, when having diner, Miyam and her girl move to front room. Miyam is knitting, sinta is doing preparation, whereas Joana and Andia square measure enjoying scrabble.

Sinta : “Mom, does one still keep in mind my friend, Tony?”

Miyam : “Yes, I still keep in mind him. He accustomed come back here and decide you up, didn’t he? Why?”

Sinta : “emmm….. He changes….. I mean….”

Andia : “He is therefore measureable, what’s a pity!”

Miyam. : “Mom, so… what happened to him?”

Joana : “Well typically this life is unpredictable. Everything will be modified. therefore will him.”

Sinta : “He…ah….drop out from college as a result of he invariably absent. He looks like doesn’t care regarding his life, his education, and his future really.”

Miyam. : (sigh) “I am sorry to listen to that, however my kids, you must understand that your future is on your own hand. Study hard, reach your dream!”

Andia : “School makes Maine sick. we tend to pay lots of cash for one thing can’t guarantee my future 100% excellent.”

Joana : “What square measure you talking about?”

Andia : “It happens, Sist… It happens during this country.”

Miyam. : “Enough, daughters. Hm…There square measure numerous folks that work effortlessly for his or her future for convalescing future. Daughters, does one understand prof. Zikri?

Sinta : “Your boss? Why”

Miyam. : “hm…ehm… did you think that he come back from wealthy family? No pricey. He was poor, a bit like United States of America. Let Maine tell you regarding him. He had no parent once he was fifteen. are you able to imagine what he felt at that time?”

Andia : “Is this necessary for us?”

Sinta : (look at Andia) “sssssttttt….”

Joana : “Di! that's not the manner however we tend to visit our mother.”
(Andia, Sinta, Joana square measure silent)

Miyam. : “I suppose it’s higher for you to appear at his effort in reaching his dream, obtaining an improved life a bit like currently.”

Joana : (Try to suppose what her mother have said)

Andia : (leaving the area with none comment)

Sinta : (just busy along with her work)

Scene two (in the balcony of Professor’s house)

In the afternoon,as usual, prof Zikri is reading a newspaper within the balcony. Then, Miyam bring him a cup of tea, even as usual.

Professor. : “Thank you!” (The prof glances at Miyam) “Are you Ok? You look pale.”

Miyam. : “emmm…I’m ok.”

Professor. : “No, you're no ok. Have a seat please. Let’s have a talk!”
Professor and Miyam square measure silent)

Professor. : “It has been a protracted time I don’t see your daughters. square measure the OK?“

Miyam. : “yes. they're ok, sir.”

Professor. : “Joana can have test this year, right?”

Miyam. : “Yes, this is often her last year in {senior high|senior high college|high|highschool|high school|secondary school|lyceum|lycee|Gymnasium|middle school} school.”

Professor. : “She studies well, doesn’t she?”

Miyam : “yes. She invariably becomes the most effective student in her college.” (smiling. Her face show that she is extremely proud to Joana)

Professor : “What a great! She should be received in each best university during this country”

Miyam : (she bows her head, then address smile surly)

Professor :“What regarding your husband? Have he contacted you? Is there any news from him?

Miyam. : (silent, she is afraid by Professor’s question)
“Since he left Maine, 10 years past to marry that wealthy widow, he ne'er contacts Maine or his girl.”

Professor : “I’m very pitying creating you're feeling uncomfortable!”

Miyam : “that’s ok, Professor. I’m alright.”( Miyam smiles bitterly)

Professor :(give 2 books to Miyam). “Give thisred book to Joana and also the inexperienced one to Sinta. “ (he smiles)

Miyam :(receive those book). “Oh.. thanks sir. These square measure exercise books for National
Examination. it's new sir. It should be big-ticket. I cannot afford to shop for it, sir”. provide those book back to prof.

Professor :” simply take it. I expire for them. Hopefully, these book will facilitate your daughters to pass the Natinal Examination”.

From within the house. Suddenly, Anita, Pofessor’ 1st girl, screams loud line Miyam.

Miyam :” OH, Tina is asking Maine. Excusme sir”

Professor :”yes, please”(Professor continue his reading, Miyam walks away)
Unfortunately, Mariam is late. Anita is returning to approach her within the balcony.

Anita : “Look !what you've got done to my shirt. examine this!” (Throws the dirty shirt to Miyam)

Miyam. : (silent. Confuses..)

Anita : “It is dear, you know! you can't afford it” push Miyam down.

Miyam. : “I am sorry Anita. i will be able to try and create it higher. i will be able to repair it and clean. i will be able to wash it again”

Anita : “heh…. (With mad face) simply do the best! And keep in mind, ne'er do an equivalent mistakes”

(By listening that noise, Farah, Professor’s second girl, and prof come back to them)

Farah : “please, stop it sisy”. (Help Miyam to stand).

Professor : Anita, are you able to decrease your high frequency voice?. (Professor is looked angry. Then, Anita goes away.)

Miyam. : (Miyam therefore unhappy. She walks to the laundry area by delivery the shirt along with her. Then, wash it again)

Scene 3

Miyam invariably backs home at six within the afternoon. But, that day when her spoken language with prof Zikri, she doesn’t return directly. She goes to man. Crab’s eating place. There, she washes the dishes as a section time job. when end her duty in there, she goes home. She arrives reception at ten am.

By listening, the sound of the door opened, Joana runs to her mother and hugs that recent girl.

Miyam. : “oh my angel,why don’t you move to bed yet?”

Joana : (crying) “Mom, wherever did you go?. You ne'er back home late like this before. i used to be therefore troubled. I referred to as prof Zikri, he aforementioned you wasn’t there”

Miyam. : (Just smile and “mengelus” Joana’s hair)

Joana : “(Holds her mother’s hands) “Oh, examine your hands! What have you ever done? Why is it therefore cold?”

Miyam. : (Just smile) “It’s late of night, move to sleep now! you've got to travel to highschool tomorrow. Right?!”

Joana : “But… mom… what….”

Miyam : (smile again) “Just sleep my beautiful angel!” (kiss Joana).

(Miyam walks,leaving Joana. She place her bag on the table)

Joana : “Mom, i would like to mention one thing.”

Miyam. : “about what? should or not it's talked right now? It’s late of night pricey.”

Joana : “mom...”

Miyam. : “ok, tell Maine now” (siting on the chair)

Joana : “I got asking.”

Miyam. : “Invitation? What quite invitation? Is there your friend’s wedding party?”

Joana : “No, Mom. I got associate degree interview invite from university. I even have registered to the university in Jakarta. I even have passed the check, associate degreed currently i will be able to get an interview. What does one think? Shall I?”

Miyam. : (hold her daughter’s hand)” after all my angel. You shall. this is often smart} good news”. The tears is down from her eyes.

Joana : “ however, I won’t leave you mom”( crying in her mother arms.)

Miyam : “listen, this is often an honest chance. we should always because of Alloh ad you've got to go? currently, tell me. What college can you enter?”

Joana :medical ( smile and sweep the tears )

Miyam :”ohhh, congratulation. Your dream come back true. Alhamdulilah” (huges Joana once more.)

(Andia comes into the house from the window, she walk to her area.then suddenly stops once she notice that her mother and Joana is within the same area along with her. Miyam and Joana look in Dini’s face)

Andia :”hai mum. (sit on the chair ).what is this?(talking to herself). Wow new book, mum is it new book for Joana and Sinta? Wow it should be expensive”

(Joana additionally sit on the chair close to Andia)

Miyam : wherever square measure from Dini? (gaze to Dini)

Dini : From Bella’s house. (talking to Joana).Look this National Exercise examination book for {senior high|senior high college|high|highschool|high school|secondary school|lyceum|lycee|Gymnasium|middle school} school . i assume this for you sist.( Dini provides it to Joana)

Joana : (receiving the book from Dini) yea, and this one for should be for Sinta. Oh ,thank you mum. But, why you're therefore late?

Dini : eem.., doing home work.

Joana : therefore then, wherever is your book? I don’t see you bring even a chunk of paper.

Dini : ahh, stop it sisy. (ignoring Joana)where is that the factor on behalf of me myself? (Checking the luggage carefully). Mom?

Miyam : Dini, we tend to speak once more tomorrow ok. Now, its higher for you two…(cough)

Dini : No!. ( Dini is jelousy. She stands up) you like Maine such as you do love Sinta and Joana. Doesn’t you?

Miyam : affirmative, completely sweetheart. Stop speech communication that therefore..

Dini : Ok then. Now, i need new shoes. My terribly terribly recent shoes can't walk with Maine any longer.

Miyam :but sweetheart, I even have no cash for...

Dini : mom, they need got those big-ticket new books and that i wish new shoes. It should be cheaper than those books. Fair?

Joana : stop talking Sinta. Now, go sleep!

Dini :I won’t (staring at Joana) what?

Joana : can’t you see. Our mum is tired when operating a full day. And you, returning home therefore late and talking that such unmannered words and..

Dini : (plug her ears along with her 2 fingers) what did you say?

Joana : you! You even not my mother’s..

Miyam : silent Joana!

Dini : listen that. Be silent!(mocking Joana by place her tongue out)

Miyam : Stop that Dini. i will be able to end Mrs Nuri garments tonight. Tommorw, Dini, you must provides it to Mrs Nuri house and take the cash from her. you'll be able to have the cash to shop for new shoes. OK! Now, each of you move to sleep!

(Joana and Dini say no words, they keep silent and visited their area. simply do what her mother asks them. whereas Mariam, she kni Mrs Nuri garments while not having rest when operating a full day and night)

Scene 4

Seven years later.

In that tiny house, currently Miyam lives solely along with her 2 daughters as a result of Joana had left them to Jakarta. Joana got scholarship there, in medical college. within the stunning afternoon..

Sinta : mum, you've got to require a rest. You look pale. Let Maine continue sweeping the ground.

Miyam : I’m Ok sweetheart. I will make love. (cough) have you ever finished your homework?

Sinta : mum, I think, your cough become worst and worst. we should always move to the doctor.

Miyam : no, I’m alright. this is often simply a cough. I will keep alive and do my activity

Sinta :but mum, it'll be higher if you..
(suddenly Dini come back delivery four Bags)

Dini : Assalamualaikum, I’m home. Guess what?

Sinta :what?

Dini : I obtain new garments for United States of America. Check this! Emm, and additionally shoes.

Miyam : Dini

Dini : affirmative mum, this one for you. Is it nice? Oww and appearance at this Sinta, this is often my new bag. you'll be able to additionally borrow it.

Sinta : what causes you to become therefore female like this sist? You look therefore stunning.

Dini : oh, thank you. this is often the facility of affection sweetheart. A girl woman metamorphosis became a woman. Ohh..what a sweet.

Miyam : Dini, came here. (Asking Dini to sit down beside her). Why you spent the cash for these things? we've to use the cash showing wisdom. For example; for your study for our daily wants.

Dini : Mom, I even have to organize for my graduation next week. i would like these all. i would like new kebaya, shoes, bag and every one these items. you may understand it if solely you're study in school like Maine.

Sinta : sisy! Watch your mouth

Dini : what?

Miyam : women, Listen!. Your sister Joana work effortlessly in Jakarta to provide United States of America higher living, no to waste the mony sweetheart.

( Miyam cough obtaining worst,now her cough haemorrhage. In minutes she fainted)

Scene 5

Joana add Dramais. That evening, when she prayed Magrib her cellular phone rings.

Joana : Assalamualaikum Sinta

Sinta : Walaikum salam

Joana : What’s happend? Why your voice..

Sinta : Jo.. mama... Mama is hospitalized this night, her cough is haemorrhage. penetrate sist..

Joana : wherever is Dini? i would like to speak to her.

Sinta : She has dinner along with her new fellow

Joana : What?

Sinta : i'm alone sist. I’m afraid

Joana : wait, wherever is mom?

Sinta : affirmative, she is here

Joana : provide the phone to her

Miyam : Assalamualaikum..

Joana :Alaikumsalam, however square measure you feeling ?

Miyam : i’m alright my angel. Sinta simply exaggerates my condition.

Joana : Ok, i’ll back tonight. perhaps i’ll arrive within the morning.

( Mira, a sister of 1 of Joana’s patient came and cry)

Mira : doctor, facilitate my sister. Please.

Joana : mom, I even have to hold the decision up. I’ll decision you later

Miyam :ok my angel. Listen! you've got to save lots of your patient live. i will be able to be Ok.

Joana : Ok mum. Love you

( noise come back from within the finish of phone. a bit like the phone is falling. Joana hears Sinta scream)

Joana : howdy, Mom..Sinta.. Sinta.. what's happened? Hallo..
Sinta... answer Maine (crying). Mom...

Mira : excusme docter, please facilitate my sister. Her condition is obtaining worst.please dokter ( still crying)

Joana : I even have to fulfill my mother, she is sick. Sorry Mira. I even have to travel home.

Mira : please doctor, Mirsa is my solely family. however am i able to live tthis world alone. Please doctor.

Joana :( Joana tries to run, she avoids Mira. however Mira keep following her and mendicancy her)please. I even have to fulfill my solely mother. Please. perceive Maine.
(Joana’s phone is ringing)

Joana : Hallo..

Miyam : Hallo sweetheart. I’m Ok. Do your duty well, ok?! Promise Maine.

Joana :mom.. (crying).

Miyam :love you my angel. Assalamualaikum ( the phone is adorned  up)

Joana : hallo mum, mom..

( Joana examine Mira WHO follow her. She stare at Mira sadly eyes)

Joana :let’s move to your sister.

Mira :ohh, thanks doctor.

Scene 6

The next morning Miyam insists to travel home. She wish keep within the hospital. Docter punished  her acult carcinoma, last construction. In their tiny house, Miyam sleep unconciously and wewkly.

In the middle day, Joana arrives. She run to Miyam area. in this area, Sinta is sitting beside Miyam, crying.

Joana :mom, here i am. i'm returning. come to life mum. Mom.. (crying and hold her mother)

(Miyam open her eyes weak. She smile to her daughter)

Miyam: my angel (Miyam whispering)

Professor Zikri involves see Miyam. Then he sits beside Miyam. Miyam's condition gets worst and worst. Finally, she dies..

Demikian contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris, semoga contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris diatas berguna bagi sahabat pembaca yang sedang mencari contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris. Anda dapat menyesuaikan naskah drama diatas sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda.